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October 7th, 2003

thedarkcrystal @ 07:02 pm: When I went to the library today they were killing a tree across the street. They were lopping off branches at random, huge main branches, they couldn't have been doing anything else. What could I do about it? I couldn't do anything. I could have walked over there and ripped their heads off. That would have been rewarding temporarily, but it would have landed me in jail for the rest of my life and new people would have just been hired to finish the job. I could have gone over there and bodily prevented them from killing the tree, but that would have landed me in jail too while they finished it off. What else is there? There was nothing nothing else I could do. Yes, I hope to save other trees in my life, I hope to change things in some way. But if I can't save that tree, that one tree which is probably dead right now, what hope is there in anything? How could I go on acting like everything is okay when that tree was being murdered? How can I think about anything else? I can turn my heart into a gaping wound and mourn only for the loss of that tree and it still wouldn't make anything right, it wouldn't change a thing. So what the hell is the point, if there was nothing I could do to save that one tree?

thedarkcrystal @ 12:48 am: This community is for anyone who thinks that our culture sucks and who damn well wants to do something about it. So... what should we do about it?

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