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The Third Way

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danielmurphy @ 08:13 pm: anarchist festival
i don't know if you'd call it a festival, but there's this huge anarchist thing going on in Larry, K. "The We Are Resisting Conference aims to bring together people from across the spectrum of the movement(s) against Empire. The WAR Conference will take place June 30-July 3 in Lawrence, KS." speakers included chris white, a former marine, who goes around trying to sway people from joining because it is so corrupt and nasty, and all that goodness. it's interesting stuff. they made a big deal of it in the local papers, but i think many of the people in my town were a bit surprised that these "anarchists" were not grungy gutter-punks or something, but regular everyday people. wellp that's all from me for now. tchüss!

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